Burglar Alarm Systems

At Assured Security Agency we take your protection very seriously. We know how to look at your application, determine what will best protect you , and lay out a security plan based on manufacturer recommendations, guidelines and our years of experience. As a Honeywell Security and Life Safety Products Dealer, we implement and use the finest equipment on the market today. From 2 door and simple interior protection systems, to full blown multi-zone, multi layer, integrated systems for your home, office or large facility. We understand what it takes to provide you with the protection you need, and expect, for your particular needs.

Burglar alarm systems are comprised of multiple devices designed to detect forced entry or unauthorized access to your home or facility.  Burglar alarms have Basically  two modes, one for when you're away, and one for when you're still present and would like protection.  The high quality systems that Assured Security installs, and the professionally installed manner in which we do our work , provide you with a system that not only is almost false alarm proof,  but also a system we feel can last ten to twenty years without further service. Our systems are fully upgradeable for your future needs.

The Control or Panel: The "Main Brain" of the system resides in a steel cabinet usually installed in the mechanical room of the premises. This is a high end control panel that is designed for longevity and customized applications. Even though you'll probably never know it's there - it is. The control is able to be added to anytime, and will be sized for your future possibilities. All wiring comes to the panel and the battery resides there. There are many options available with this microprocessor controlled and programmed device. We can make changes in programming remotely from our offices.

The Keypad: The Keypad (or console) is the interface you will be using to control the alarm system. There are many options available, from Alphanumeric keypads that "spell out" what's happening, to "Voice and Alpha" units that actually talk to you. These are all very simple to use, and are easy to understand. We can install wireless "key-fobs" just like you car uses to open locks and disarm alarms. These will do the same for your home or facility, you can disarm the alarm from outside, press a button to cause a silent police panic, or with a little additional equipment open overhead doors or pass doors and turn on lights.

Perimeter Protection: This is where it all begins, protecting your entry/exit access points. We use quality magnetic and mechanical contacts, to detect the opening and closing of your exterior doors and windows. We also employ audio sensing type glass break detectors to cover windows against breakage. We have outdoor products to let you know when someone enters your property, before they even get up to the structure. We can supply other sensors to help notify you of additional problems such as , driveway detection to notify you of a car entering a driveway or pathway . We use beams to detect activity at fenced areas and can connect a fiber optic cable or audio cable directly to a fence to detect climbing, cutting, or other changes in the structure of the fence.  There are many options and we can design the right application for you.

Interior Protection: Next you look at how to protect yourself if a burglar some how gets by the doors or windows. We strategically place motion sensors, which detect body heat and movement, in the interior areas. We have sensors that we can put under the floor to detect deflection in the wood structure. If you have pets or guard animals, we can now work around them successfully without compromising this valuable form of protection.

Fire Life Safety Protection: We can add special system smoke detectors and heat sensors to your system that have the tremendous added value of letting us know to send the fire department when your away or if your there and already in trouble. We have carbon monoxide sensors, natural and propane gas sensors, gasoline and other carbon fuel sensors. No one wants to have a loss to one of these problems, and we can protect you with our life safety systems.

Physical property loss: We can add water flow, water level, water present, sensors to detect issues that could cause flooding (dishwashers, washers, sump pumps, flood plain, etc.) and notify you to the problem in time to stop heavy damage. We have temperature sensors to detect freezing, if your on vacation. We have humidity sensors to help with areas that need this important type of protection.

Notification: There are different options to let you know when something has occurred, the Keypads will beep, the interior siren (standard on all systems) will sound, and we can install loud exterior sounders and strobe lights to let your neighbors know there's a problem.

Battery Back-up: We install a battery with our system so the alarm will work when the power to your home or facility has been interrupted.

Central Station Monitoring: Probably the most important part of the whole thing is what happens when an alarm does occur. Your system will take control of the telephone line and send the signal(s) to our monitoring centers, in seconds. When we receive it we call the residence or facility to see if there is a problem. If we are unable to speak with someone with the correct "pass-word", we will automatically notify the proper authorities - immediately! We then monitor for additional signals and relay those to the authorities as well. Next we will call the people on the list you give us until we speak with someone who can deal with the situation. In the event of a fire or other life safety signal, we contact the fire department first, then the property, so that valuable seconds are not lost. All responses are of course adjustable if you need a special application. We are very serious about how our 24 Hour UL Listed Central Station Monitoring center protects you, and we have chosen the best national service for this important part of our relationship. With four fully redundant, heavily secured monitoring stations located in four different states, you can be Assured "we have you covered" 24/7. Our monthly monitoring price is very competitive, and is adjustable to your budget and frequency of payments needed.

Cellular Radio Back-up: Unfortunately burglars have gotten smarter lately, and have figured out that the alarm system must call out on the phone line to contact us. They figured out that if they cut the phone lines (located outside the premises) that they'll only have the audible part of the alarm to deal with, because the control wont be able to call us. We offer and highly recommend the use of our back-up radio that uses the local cellular communication grid to transmit signals in the event the control cant use the "land phone line". It will also transmit a "phone line cut" signal which could let us and you know even before they have tried to make entry. We also can provide "hardening and securing" of the phone equipment if needed, however the radio is still the best protection.


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* We're sorry, we do not offer our "burglar alarm systems or service" in Michigan, however most of our other services are available there.

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