Fire Alarm Systems

Commercial Fire:

Smoke Detectors, Fire sensors, Heat sensors: We install all your code required fire alarm equipment, including smoke detectors, sirens and bells, strobe lights, pull stations, water flow, notification, and other equipment as needed. All of our commercial installations are designed with, and approved by your local Fire Marshal prior to installation so you don't find out just before occupancy that you need additional protection which could slow down your opening. We look at all aspects and hazards to design just the right system for your facility. If you aren't required by code to have a system, and we are doing burglary protection, we can add devices to let us and you know there is a problem. You can feel totally protected when we are done.

Residential Fire:

In your home we can raise the “level of protection” from your electrician installed “smoke alarms” by adding our “system smoke detectors,” in strategic locations to make sure the fire department is notified immediately of any problem before it’s too late. We can also install an entire fire system to give you the extra valuable protection our system offers over what's normally installed. Our smoke detectors can be setup to monitor their own ability to detect smoke and heat, and notify us if they need cleaning or service, keeping you protected 24-7.

Life Safety:

We have other Life Safety devices available depending on your needs, carbon monoxide, natural and propane gas, carbon fuels (gasoline, solvents etc.) When lives are at stake, we can provide protection at a very high level.


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* We're sorry, we do not offer our "Fire alarm systems or service" in Michigan, however most of our other services are available there.

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