Life Safety Alarm Systems

Carbon Monoxide, Natural Gas and Propane Detection Systems

Carbon Monoxide, Natural gas and Propane: We have detectors for many of the dangerous situations that can occur in your property. When these gases have been detected, we can automatically shut down your furnace and other pilot lights, contact the authorities, and alert you.

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"Medic-Call"TM Home Medical Alert Services

Property Damage Alarm Systems

Temperature/Freeze and Water Leaks

Temperature, Water leaks, and Humidity can all cause tremendous damage to your property. If your furnace breaks and your pipes freeze they will release huge amounts of water into your property, and spare nothing in its path. We install water sensors and main water valves that shut off your water, if a leak is detected some where in your home or office. Temperature sensors can notify you long before your property or plumbing freezes. We can even monitor the humidity in your home or business to alert you to potential problems.

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* We're sorry, we do not offer our "life safety or property damage alarm systems or service" in Michigan, however most of our other services are available there.

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