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Home Medical Alert Alarm System Package and Nation Wide Services

Assured Security Agency is proud to offer the highest quality and most used worldwide Home Medical Alert or Alarm system available.

Linear, LLC is the company that coined the slogan “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” over 47 years ago, and it has helped many Americans and people around the world through dealers like us with this life saving Home Medical U.L. Listed technology. Assured Security Agency offers our own "Medic-Call"TM Service and connection to our 24 Hour UL Listed Central Station Monitoring Center. We have Dedicated Two-Way Voice trained operators standing by and ready to help you always.

The included Emergency Pendant push button watch to use as a bracelet, and also comes with a neck strap to use as a necklace, and a belt clip that can be interchanged as needed, and is water resistant so you can wear it in the shower or bath. It has up to a 200 foot range!


The Base Receiver unit can be placed centrally in the home or placed next to the bed for the additional use of the large push button and control of the receiver. All the buttons include Braille markings.


*    No long term contract - ever!

*    One low monthly price - guaranteed for length of our relationship!

*    You own the equipment!

*    Non-Proprietary equipment!

*    24 Hour Redundant UL Listed Central Station Monitoring with fully trained two-way voice operators!

*    Highest quality equipment with years of proven reliability worldwide!

By far the smartest way to acquire this type of system, you pay cost for the materials, shipping, and programming, and the first 6 months monitoring up front, and pay the regular monthly monitoring after that, and we never raise that monthly price. This system has no long-term contract because you own the equipment, the equipment is non-proprietary (you can always switch the equipment to a different provider, however we believe our personal service and pricing will keep you as our friends, and partners for your well being, for a long time).

"Other services" have a higher monthly charge, to offset the cost of the equipment, and that price stays the same for the term of your relationship (you end up buying the unit over and over again, even though it's usually paid for within the first year). With our service you pay for it once, at the beginning, and it's yours! We believe this to be the most cost effective way to pay for the service, and it's lower monthly monitoring charge, will save you some serious money after the purchase.

System Cost (includes 1 button watch , PERS system "with Two-Way Voice included", and back-up battery)…........................…..$225.00

Monthly price for monitoring: $25.00 per month, payable 6 months down, then monthly (or yearly*) from there on out……….....…. $150.00

Total to start including the first 6 months 24 hour monitoring.....……………………………………………................………….….…..$375.00

* Prefer to pay yearly, and want to save even more? After the first 6 months, pay for a year in advance, and

we'll discount the normal $300.00 to $270.00 - or only $22.50 per month.

There are no hidden fees with normal use. However usage over 10 calls per month, for 3 consecutive months, can incur a .75 cent  per additional call charge. Indiana Residents add Indiana Sales Tax

Senior Care Centers systems also available, for multiple patients.

Accessories How does the system work? How will our relationship work?

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The following accessories are available, please call us for ordering and setup information

A long transmission range ensures that wherever you are on your property, inside or out, you can depend on the DXS-62's signal to reach the console. Supervised 1-Button, 1-Channel Pendant/Wrist Transmitter The Model DXS-62 is a battery powered, miniature, water-resistant, supervised transmitter designed for use in emergency applications with the PERS-2400a. Pressing the button on the transmitter sends a digital coded wireless signal to the PERS-2400a unit. Supplied with pendant, Velcro strap, wristband, belt clip, or pocket clip configurations. 

$40.00 each plus shipping as needed.



Supervised Passive Infrared Motion Detector Transmitter (Inactivity Detector) The inactivity device (Model DXS-54) can monitor activity within your household. In the absence of activity for a specified period, the console will automatically alert the Central Monitoring Station. 9V alkaline battery supplied.


$75.00 each plus shipping as needed.



Supervised Photoelectric Smoke Detector Transmitter. Add a smoke detector to your PERS-2400a for additional security and life safety. Warning tones will be sounded by the console and the smoke detector to alert you, even if you are sleeping. Our Central Station will notify the Fire Department immediately. Two 9V batteries supplied. (Model DXS-72).


$95.00 each plus shipping as needed.


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We also offer additional services, such as lock boxes so a key can be securely stored outside for Emergency Responders. Our Dispatchers know the code and can pass the information off to the appropriate responders or family members.


Master Lock Company - bolt on combination key box. To be screwed or bolted to your home for a permanent placement of an emergency key. Wall-mountable lockbox features an easy-to-grip, dome-shaped dial with slick metallic finish. Offers strong, die-cast zinc construction with hardened steel shackle for extra resistance


$40.00 each plus shipping as needed.



Master Lock Company - hang on door knob combination key box. To be hung on a exterior door knob to your home for a temporary placement of an emergency key. Portable lockbox features an easy-to-grip, dome-shaped dial with slick metallic finish. Offers strong, die-cast zinc construction with hardened steel shackle for extra resistance.


$40.00 each plus shipping as needed.


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How does the system work? Basically when you press the button on the necklace pendant, watch bracelet, belt button or the emergency button on the receiver, the system calls our monitoring station, and gives us a signal telling us who you are. This brings up a screen on our computers that has all your identifying information, responding party information, as well as medical information relating to the occupants of the house.

Our dispatcher then initiates a call to the receiver, and says (over the loudspeaker) "This is (dispatcher's name) with "Medic Call", (resident's name) are you OK?" The dispatcher then turns up the microphone to listen for a response from the resident. If they respond that they just need help from a family member or neighbor, we will call that person and relay the information. This is all done over the loudspeaker and high powered microphone.

If they say they are hurt, or aren't feeling well and they need to go to the hospital, we will call an ambulance. If they don't answer us, we will call the family member you request or we will dispatch an ambulance (depends on how you wish us to respond to this type of call). Our responses to calls are designed with you prior to the system going on line.



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